Clocking In and Out

Video explains how to Clock In and Out

Clocking In and Out

Enter Business Preferences

Video shows how to enter business preferences

Enter Business Preferences - Video

Entering Email Preferences

Video explains how to enter email preferences

Entering Email Preferences - Video

Add Employees

Video explains how to add employees to Pyxis ClockIn

Add Employees - Video

Add / Edit Hours Worked

Video explains how to add or Edit Times

Add / Edit Hours Worked - Video

Enter Days-Off

Video explains how to enter Days-Off via the Management Preferences area for one or multiple employees

Entering Days Off Video

Manual Time Reports

Video explaining how to create a manual time report

Manual Time Reports - Video

Days-Off Requests

Video show how employees enter days-off requests

Days-Off Requests - Video

Cloud Clock:In - Database Connection

Video show how to create a database

Create and connect to a remote database

Pyxis ClockIn Exploded View


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