Numbering a Ticket

Check-out how easy it is to number a ticket with a perforation (2 numbers).

Digital Numbering Has Never Been Easier

Numbering a Docket Book

Printing docket books digitally is becoming very popular

Digitally Numbering A Docket Book

Adding Crop Marks & Bleed

Check out how easy it is to add both crop marks and bleed to an original with neither

Crop Marks & Bleed Tutorial

Numbering a Repeat Job

This video shows how the Pyxis Imposed logic module simplifies numbering repeat jobs.

Repeat Numbering with Logic

Logic Module - Crop Marks & Bleed

Pyxis Imposed can now automatically reduce unnecessary white space via its Logic Module.

Auto adjust bleed

Variable Data - Wedding Invite

Alternative option to merge name with a wedding invitation

Merging Names with a Wedding Invitation

Variable Data - Text & Images

Easily Merge Images Using the Variable Data Module

Merge Text & Images

Image To PDF

Easily convert images to custom size PDFs with desired quality setting.

Convert Images To PDFs

Booklet Imposition

Professional booklet imposition is incredibly fast and easy with Pyxis Imposed.

Impose a Booklet

Imposition Basics Video

To impose, simply click Impose Artwork

Imposition Basics

Basic Numbering

Digital Numbering with Pyxis Imposed

Basic Numbering Video

Make a Barcode

Video demonstrates making a barcode

Make a Barcode

Basic QR Code

Create and add QR code to PDF

Basic QR Code

Buster Numbering

Create a Buster Numbered Job

Buster Numbering

Add Text to PDF

Add text to an existing pdf file

Add Text to PDF

Imposing Labels with Fixed Gutters

Fixed gutter imposition options

Imposing Labels with Fixed Gutters

Variable Data Basics

Imposing Text and Images

Variable Data Basics

Multi Fold Imposition

Imposing a job with multiple folds

Multi Fold Imposition

Add a Background Colour to a PDF

Add a CMYK background colour to a PDF

Adding a Background Colour

PDF Toolbox - Adding Marks

How to add border and crop marks in the PDF Toolbox

Adding Crop & Border Marks

Pyxis Imposed 4.8 - Overview

An overview of Pyxis Imposed 4.8

Pyxis Imposed - 5 Applications in 1

Variable Data New Features

New Variable Data features in Pyxis Imposed 4.8

New Features in Variable Data

Variable Data - Create a Merged Label

Create a Variable Data Label in Pyxis Imposed 4.8

Merging a Spreadsheet with a Label

Duplo 616 - Automated Finishing

How to use Pyxis Imposed with the Duplo 616

Automated Finishing Options

Pyxis Imposed User Interface
Pyxis Imposed is fantastic, it’s great and it does exactly what it says on the tin.
Patrick Brennan, Digital Outputs
I am a Pyxis user for two years now, I love Pyxis Imposed, I use it a couple times a week for numbering and it works great.
Fintan Doyle, Doyle Print
Pyxis Imposed works so well, I love it . .
John Purcell, MLP Print
We love Pyxis Imposed here at Digi Print, we are 100% happy with it, its fantastic, brilliant for numbering.
Paul Oxberry, Digi Print Ireland
I haven’t heard any complaining from my staff regarding Pyxis Imposed! So it must be doing the job. It works great here for us at Harvest Moon.
Turloch Dolan, Harvest Moon
I couldn’t live without it [Pyxis Imposed]
Anne Brennan, SignWorx


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