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Download the Latest Version of Pyxis Imposed Here

Pyxis Imposed XD (released February 01 2019)

Version This version includes new options to rotate images and barcodes.


When updating from any version pre you will need to re-register your application. You can use your existing username and password.  If forgotten, you can recover your username and password by clicking the Lost Login Details button which will appear after clicking the REG button on the bottom left corner of the application user interface.

Note on Apple Mac Downloads

Version s suitable for Mac OSX 10.8 +. If you need a version for an older Mac, please contact support.

Installation: Pyxis is a registered Apple developer. However, on later Macs, Gatekeeper is enforcing new code signing rules. After downloading Pyxis Imposed you may receive various warnings, including, ‘this application is damaged and should be moved to trash’. If you see this (or similar), control click on the application icon and click Open. You will then need to enter your password, and confirm an exception. We are working on resolving these warning messages: in the meantime the above will enable you to install and run the application. If you have any queries, please email support@pyxis.ie

Note on Pyxis Imposed XD for Windows PC

Pyxis Imposed XD is compatible with all Windows 64 BIT PC machines, subject to available RAM. Note that you can update any version of Pyxis Imposed XD by downloading and installing the latest trial version. Only the necessary files will be updated. If you require a version for an older 32 bit machine, please contact us for download information.