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The latest version is Pyxis Invoicing is (28 March 2017)

In addition to the Purchases module introduced in the previous update, this version includes a brand new Document Designer. This makes it easier than ever to modify the Invoice, Statement, etc to your particular style. This new Document Designer includes improved positioning and alignment controls.

A Purchases module is now a standard part of Pyxis Invoicing. With this module you can:

  1. Add an unlimited number of suppliers
  2. Add supplier invoices and credit notes, each with an unlimited number of line items.
  3. Enter payments
  4. Automatically create the selected supplier statement 
  5. Create a complete Creditor Report with one click
  6. Enter and update payments
  7. View a complete list of VAT over any time period, assisting with VAT Return completion

Another new feature recently introduced is the option to choose either the default Dark Style user interface or a new lighter version. This choice is only available on Windows PCs. It is accessed from the bottom of the main window. The application must be re-launched for the new choice to take effect.

Version also contains an important bug fix for Windows computers. Error E1319 was appearing when invoices were being updated or re-issued, or multiple statements were being created on some machines with multiple CPUs. This was caused by a document with the same name being open in your default PDF application or within Pyxis Invoicing’s Emailer Module. With the new version, if Pyxis Invoicing cannot close or replace the document contents, it will append a number to the end of the file name. For example, if you created an invoice INVOICE 350.pdf and the application was unable to close or overwrite its contents, it will save the document with a number appended to the file name: INVOICE 350_(1).pdf, etc.  As a side note, this error was the result of our continuing goal to make our applications run as fast as the computer hardware will allow. On computers with multiple CPUs, some processes were completing faster than anticipated, resulting in the E1319 message. I should add that, while the invoice may have failed to open, it was created and added to the customer’s account as usual.

To update your version simply download the trial version here, quit the current version and then install the latest version. You do not need to uninstall the previous version. Only the relevant files will be replaced.  Your business stationery and database will remain exactly as they were before. Having said that, it is always a good idea to keep a backup of your data via the Backup button, located under the Preferences Tab on the main user interface. We recommend backing up to an a USB Stick or an external hard drive, for example.

Note on Pyxis Invoicing for Windows PC

Pyxis Invoicing should run on all Windows PC machines and should install without any issues as all code is signed with a valid security certificate. Simply follow the default wizard settings to install. Note that you can update and version of Pyxis Invoicing by downloading and installing the latest trial version. Only the necessary files will be updated. You do not need to uninstall a previous version. If you have any queries, please email

Note on Apple Mac Downloads

Version is suitable for Mac OSX 10.8 +

Installation: Pyxis is a registered Apple developer. However, on later Macs, Gatekeeper is enforcing new code signing rules. After downloading the application you may receive various warnings, including, ‘this application is damaged and should be moved to trash’. If you see this (or similar), control click on the application icon and click Open. You will then need to enter your password, and confirm an exception. We are working on resolving these warning messages: in the meantime the above will enable you to install and run the application. If you have any queries, please email

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